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…Lost Graphics…

Welcome to Lost Graphics. Yes, another graphics community on Livejournal. But we're not just making icons for people, we want to help other people out. We're not as good as most people you see, I'm not afraid to admit that. But we think that touch of "unprofessional", can bring more meaning.

♥ Requests? Sometimes we do do request. For example, if an artist makes some bases. You can request them personalized, or if the artist makes a request thread you can comment and they'll try their best.

♥ Want to become an artist/icon maker? Post a Comment HERE and read the instructions there.

♥ Posting has been disabled unless you have rights in this group. But you can reply to comments. This is just to cut down on people who like to promote their communities by posting.

♥ Affilates are welcome. Please link back to us. Post HERE to submit your site.

♥ Aside from these rules, artist/icon makers have their own. Please follow them. Here are a few artist/icon makers rules
((if you are an artist here and want your rules here. Post here, or comment along with your joining post))
rochley- Bases: Comment if taking, no credit needed. (ish nice though). Icons: Comment if taking, PLEASE CREDIT (although I'm not gonna hunt you down, unless you claim it as your work)

Artist/Graphics/Icon Makers
rochley- Icons, Bases, Headers. Moderator.
dusty__rose ???. Co-mod.

Link 2 Us Banners

kristalie_icons, lucies_icons