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Sun, Sep. 12th, 2004, 01:21 pm
rochley: ICONS!

I made some icons from bases by omg_iconz_. Which means I did not make the bases.

These icons you don't have to credit me for, and maybe you shouldn't since I didn't make the bases.

But please comment if your taking, I just wanna know who takes them. Not to stalk and see how you use my icons. But just to know who's taken them, it's kinda like constructive critisism.

2- Icons w/ lyrics from "Why They Call It Falling" (Lee Ann Womack)
4- Icons w/ words by Me.
5- School Based icons. Lyrics from "We're Going To Be Friends" and "Black Math" (both by the White Stripes)

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"Why They Call It Falling"

Words By Me

School Based, w/ White Stripes Lyrics

Thu, Dec. 30th, 2004 05:35 pm (UTC)

Nice Work!

snaggin' the first School Based icon